Friction Samples

Friction Control, LLC. was started in 1996 to manufacture and sell friction products for the maintenance, repair and original equipment markets. Friction Control - PartsAs part of this effort, Friction Control uses organic-based friction materials in its dry applications and special formulations for the wet friction requirements. All of the friction materials are 100% asbestos-free and have been tested and accepted in the marketplace.

Friction Control Inc manufactures, bonds and relines both wet and dry friction products.  Some of our current business is on the manufacturing of brake and clutch components for cranes and hoists; brakes for paper mills; brakes for Cymonic lift drive units and discs for automated assembly equipment.  Along with this, we have experience with supplying complete clutch units to Sikorsky for their heavy lift helicopters (CH-53E), clutch plates to GE Ordinance for personnel carriers, brake plates to Breeze Eastern, brake discs to Dana Corporation, brake discs to Cadillac Gage for the M-1 tank and brake discs to Dowty Aerospace. Hoist

Aftermarket automotive clutchesThe reason we can offer such a wide variety of products and services is due to our experiences in these areas along with the networking of services and support functions.  We have a close working relationship with some local organizations, which work with us in the areas of engineering, testing and manufacturing when we require additional input.  We have in some cases, worked with these companies for fifteen to twenty years and have an ongoing informal partnership with them that has helped to reduce lead times and costs because of this team approach.



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