Services We Provide
Light Duty Brake Pads
Heavy Duty Brake Pads
Industrial Brake Shoes
Lined Clutch Shoes
Dry Friction Discs
Wet Friction Plates
Other Friction Assemblies

Services We Provide
Processing Customer Supplied Materials
Assistance in Friction Material Selection
Assistance in Assembly Design
Application Testing
Complete Assembly Supplier
ISO Certs

friction samplesFriction Control is committed to quality. Our staff is trained and experienced to understand the quality requirements of our customers. We rigidly follow a variety of testing procedures to ensure that processes are in control and conform to or exceed specifications. All our projects are documented and kept on file to ensure that traceability is always available. We are committed to on-time deliveries of quality friction products at a competitive price.

At Friction Control, quality is our obsession.

We are working to be the best in the business!